Dash Pages meta tags not working

I have tried using meta tags with Dash Pages but I am having issues with the meta tags updating after implementing a change. Is this due to the browser caching the old meta data or an issue with my code? Also, the image I have been trying to use is not visible when posting the link on Facebook or Twitter (there is no image, just a placeholder on the link cards that the social media platforms create). Is there a certain size/type the image should be to work?

Here is the code I am using:

dash.register_page(__name__, path="/map", title="Lowell Violent Crime Map", image="assets/mappic.png",
                   description="A map of the recent violent crimes in the city of Lowell, MA. Includes non-domestic crimes that involve a firearm or knife. Data starts from Oct. 2020")

Thank you

HI @NiBk,

maybe @adamschroeder’s video does help: