Dash Network - JS changes are not being rendered with debug_mode=off

I have been creating a dash application where I make use of dash-network. In order to have the network according to the team’s idea, I had to change part of the source code from dash-work, specially the file dash-network.dev.js. So, basically, in my app folder, I copied the folder dash-network from the link, and edited some of the specific values related to repulsion force, letter shadowing, etc, from dash-network.dev.js.

When running my dash application with debug_mode = True, I can see these changes and the app looks exactly as wished, however, if I set debug_mode = False, the changes made on that file do not show in the application. Can someone help me out? I do not know how the js files are being rendered or why this even happens due to the change of debug mode. I also tried with gunicorn and it shows the same problems as with debug_mode=False ( the app does not show as wished).

Thanks in advance!