Dash multiple graphs


I am new to DASH. I am trying to generate multiple graphs based on 4-5 drop downs. Number of graphs is dynamic and depends on the values selected in drop downs. Then a For loop is being used to create the graphs and appending them in a list each time.

List is then displayed through call back. This issue is - graph list is getting displayed vertically and not horizontally.
How can we make it horizontally? All the graphs are being displayed in a single html division.


you can try to modify the css of the div component with a style={‘float’:‘left’} to all graphs components.

correction you should also modify the width parameter like this
style={‘float’: ‘left’, ‘width’: ‘50%’}

Thanks for the reply… this worked for me

Hello @Sneha_3112, hello @lahashh would you please share with me how you made this work? i have similar thing. Please check my sinippet and let me know what i am doing wronghttps://community.plotly.com/t/filtering-dash-graphs-via-dropdpwm/39262