Dash multi-page app intermittent 404 issue


I am building a multi-page app using the following structure:

- app.py
- pages
  - dashboard
     |-- layout.py
     |-- component1.py
     |-- component2.py

In layout.py, I have the line dash.register_page(__name__, path="/").

When I run app.py, upon first loading the home page, I get a 404 error: werkzeug.exceptions.NotFound: 404 Not Found. However, this resolves itself by refreshing once, and this behavior is consistent.

It seems like my app structure is consistent with what’s described in the docs for a multi-page app. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? Thank you.

Hi @misterdogdad

Could you please say what version of Dash you are using?

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I was on an old version, updating fixed it. Thanks.