Dash library - compatible browsers

We’re currently developing a webapp using the Dash library. Our development has been in Chrome, which we’re expecting the majority of users to also have, but we have been asked about other browser compatibility. Is there documentation anywhere stating exactly which browsers are compatible with Dash?

I cannot provide you with an official answer. But I do all my development in Linux with Firefox being my default browser. When the first prototype of the app is ready, I typically test it in Firefox, Chrome and Edge, both under Linux and Windows.

There seldom are any issues and, when there are, they are typically negligible.

Without being an expert, I find Firefox to be the most standard and reliable browser amongst the three.

Edge is, I believe, a Chromium fork and, therefore, it tends to behave in a similar manner.

Finally, certain minor issues seem to be OS-related rather than browser-related. Such as, for instance, the inability of Chrome and Edge to display Unicode flag emojis under Windows and MacOS and so on.