Dash Job - Full Stack Developer - FPT (Singapore)

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Experience in Dash/Plotly for dashboard development.

Company: FPT

Title: Full Stack Developer

Category: Full time

Location: Singapore

Experience: Not stated

Application: Link to apply


Job Description:

Project Summary:

The successful candidate will work on development of S360 portal and in-house analytics dashboard.

Job Requirements:

  • React development experience in functional and class based component
  • Experience in Python and Django for backend development.
  • Experience in Dash/Plotly for dashboard development.
  • Fair knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts, and have hands-on experience in implementing solutions using OOP concepts.
  • Comfortable with good software development practices (loose coupling, unit testing, clean code, etc.).
  • Eager to learn and explore new and unfamiliar technologies.