Dash Graphs and callbacks, multiple tabs and modules

Hi all

I am creating an extensive pricing dashboard with multiple tabs which shows different categories of prices with different charts and table layouts on each tab. Now my view at the moment is to create this in one python script but I understand I can also use modules to import into a main script and then run as needed etc. However, I am new to modules and I cannot find anywhere that gives an example of a dhas graph being called into a tab using a modules so would like to know if it will work?

The module would continue a dataframe, then resulting graphs or dash tables with callbacks assoicated to those tables and graphs. I will have 11 tabs all with diffrent graphs and tables from the same dataframe and obviously in one python script this will get quite large.

Whilst I continue to research this any advice or assistance on layout would be much appreciated.

Hi all, sorry found the soltion here, awesome community, thanks.