Dash fails vs Native Python (Jupyter Notebook) wins on reading merged cells from Excel using Pandas

Why in Jupyter Notebook I can read Excel workbook sheet with merged cells very well than within Dash?
In Dash I am getting Unnamed: 0, Unnamed: 1, Unnamed: 2, etc and 1st header is not the same as 1st header in Jupyter Notebook. Why?
I am struggling for weeks without success trying to read merged cells in Dash.

Do you have some example code? Maybe a very small Excel file example?

As far as I’m aware neither Dash nor Jupyter read Excel files, you have to read them using some other library and then display them using code or a library that works with the respective libraries.

Checkout openpyxl for reading/writing excel files in python. I’ve used it extensively in Dash w/o any issues…I have not tried using it in Jupyter Notebooks.