Dash-extensions websockets working example?


Sorry for the newb question here.

New to Dash and to websockets but not to python. I am getting close to nowhere after 2 days of trying everything I can come up with here. The thing is, I know this is very simple I just can’t find a way to crack that first barrier so I have a working example.

I wanted to use a standard socketIO backend sever (Uvicorn) and I got close but never got there :slight_smile:

At this point I no longer care what backend, where or how it’s hosted. I don’t care about anything other than just simply getting a minimum working app that connects via websockets.

I’m thinking it really shouldn’t be more than 40 lines of code, but I not getting there.

Does anyone have the bear minimum code neded to get this up and running? AND probably an explanation on how to run it because apparently the dash-extensions docs are self explanatory to everyone else, but I am simply to stupid to understand them.

Again, I’m sorry to ask this question and you are very welcome to make fun me :slight_smile: as long as someone will provide me with a working example

Could you elaborate on you use case? There are bundled examples that cover common use cases, e.g.

for push notifications :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for trying to help me out here.

What I’m trying to do here should be pretty simple but my brain for some reason can not work this out using Dash.

I have multiple incoming data streams coming into a server that then handles the cleaning, structure etc., some with a large amount of data points (from blockchain smart contracts) and I just need to push the data to the Dash app so I can graph them out using Plotly.

I really do not know why for the life of me I can’t figure this very simple websocket connection to Dash out. For some reason this just doesn’t compute with me. Why I just think I need an actual working minimum starting point and an explanation on who to run it.