Dash Dual Listbox not working?

So I just found this promising looking module for dash:

Unfortunately I cannot get the module to work. I installed it with pip through pypi and tried to run the example “usage.py” and the buttons to move the options dont work at all.

Has anyone gotten this module to work? If yes I would really appreciate some instructons and help.

It is exactly what I am looking for. The only alternative that I would consider is using a dropdown with the multi option, but that would be a really sub-optimal solution.

I haven’t used that component, but there’s a comment here https://github.com/vivekvs1/dash-dual-listbox/issues/2 that says there’s something amiss with the PyPI version but building from source works. It’s possible there’s been a breaking change with Dash components since it was made, it was last updated a year ago, things have changed a bunch since then!