Dash-down: Rendering markdown files into Dash components

While writing the new dash-extensions documentation page, I wanted to be able to mix text (markdown) with interactive examples (i.e. running Dash code). To fulfill this need, I have setup a tool chain that parses markdown text into Dash component trees. In addition to standard markdown syntax, a custom interpretation of the directive syntax extension makes it possible to embed Dash code blocks and/or applications (including callbacks). The resulting package has been dubbed dash-down inspired by @AnnMarieW :wink:

To give a taste of how it works, the following markdown file,

## Lottie

The `Lottie` component makes it possible to run [Lottie animations](https://lottiefiles.com/) in Dash. Here is a small example,

.. dash-proxy:: components.lottie

.. api-doc:: dash_extensions.Lottie

is rendered into this page (as you might have guessed, the Python code resides in the components/lottie.py),

If you are interested, you can learn more on the GitHub page :slight_smile:


Cool component, @Emil. Just added it to the community components index.

Thanks for making it :raised_hands:

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