Dash Design Kit Editor Color property

When using dash-design-kit components you can use the editor to change the color theme of the page:

app.layout = ddk.App(show_editor=True, ...)

In the editor, if I change graph colors (Colors > Graph Colors > Colorway) it changes the colors for traces in my graphs. Is there a way to access the theme variable used for such color schemes?

You see, I have a graph with tabs that I’m manually coloring using px.colors.qualitative.Plotly but what I set manually does not get updated when using the ddk editor for colors. Can I use some other property instead of px.colors.qualitative.Plotly that will get updated when changing color themes in the editor? I don’t know what property the editor updates but I assume it’s the same property I’d want to use for those portions that I’m manually setting.

Hi @russhopper, that’s an enterprise feature, right? You might contact the plotly support directly. @adamschroeder

It is. Are all ddk questions supposed to be directed to plotly support? I saw some other ddk questions on here so I wasn’t sure.

Actually I don’t know but of course you can ask on the forums :hugs:

It’s just that the majority of people around here do not use the enterprise version, so potentially few people can help you, I fear.

I can’t :rofl:

Gotcha, yeah that’s true. I figured that if I have the problem someone else might run into it at sometime in the future and would also benefit from having access to whatever solution I came across.

Perfectly fine! I just wanted to give you an alternative so you get the help ASAP :slight_smile:

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hi @russhopper
Thank you for thinking about how others can learn from your questions.

Are you a Dash Enterprise (DE) user?
If so, you can definitely ask DE questions on the forum but you will likely not find the answer, like @AIMPED said, since the great majority of members on the forum uses Dash Open Source.

I would recommend you use Plotly Support.

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I’m a DE user. I’ll ask the support team. Thanks.