Dash dbc.Accordion

Hey there, im testing the new accordion component. Previously i did it with Buttons and Collapse. But i wonder if there is any possibility to keep one accordion item open if clicking to another? Are AccordionItems compatible with paternmatch ids? I want to trigger a function and route the output directly to the items children. It also seems like i can only put strings inside the items content. Is this true? Because i got this exception if i put anything else than strings to the items children, like the Button and html.P mentioned the documentary: Accordion - dbc docs

Objects are not valid as a React child (found: object with keys {namespace, props, type}). If you meant to render a collection of children, use an array instead.


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Hi @Varlor

This was fixed recently, please try upgrading to dash-bootstrap-components v1.0.1rc1

Perfect. Thank you very much!! Upgraded it and the other compoents are now possible. Any ideas to my other question? Best regards!