Dash DataTable with markdown links behaviour since Dash v1.13.0

Hi there!

I’ve noticed that, since Dash v1.13.0, Links in Markdown cells now open a new tab (target="_blank"), as specified in the release notes.

How could this be changed? Previously i was able to detect a clicked cell via a callback using dcc.Location “hash” property and it’s link specified in the format [Link text] (#link). Currently, using the mentioned workflow is not possible since the markdown link opens automatically in a new tab.

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@jorge243 Did you find any solution for this?

Unfortunately i did not. In the mean time i adopted a solution based on detecting the currently selected (clicked) cell row using the respective dash datatable properties

I had the same issues as both of you. For now, I am building a custom copy of dash-table. Only a single change in the file dash-table/src/dash-table/utils/Markdown.ts:

  1. Modify line 35, replacing _blank with _self
-        linkTarget:'_blank'`
+        linkTarget:'_self'
  1. npm run build
  2. python setup.py install

Maybe @Marc-Andre can provide some insight into the change and ways to override the default behavior.

Opened issue here and will be having a look at it now. We thought this made more sense and didn’t realize this would break some usages workflow.

There’s currently no way to override this behaviour.

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Awesome! Looks like #807 will go out with the next release.

Yes. Current planned date for the release is Monday July 27 :crossed_fingers: