Dash datatable tooltip with table

Hi all,
I read document about datatable tooltip and saw markdown support table tooltip

the syntax as same:

But I really want to show some dynamic different table for each cell . Are there any way to automatic generate the markdown table from dataframe (pandas).

Hello @phuonghao145,

The static table is just a way to represent the functionality.

You can turn it into a function and you feed it the information that fills out the conditional formatting that you desire.

For example, if you look at the example above with the images, it is different information based upon the value in that specific column.

You would essentially be combining these two steps, plus the example below shows a bigger example of how to get individualized all throughout the table.

pandas.DataFrame.to_markdown — pandas 1.5.2 documentation (pydata.org)

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oh thanks , I will try it .

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