Dash Datatable Pagination Styling

Hello Everyone,
I was reading the dash datatable documentation and I want to style the dash datatable pagination arrows in the same way as they are given in the dash documentation in the official website. Is there any way to do so. Please let me know how to do it . It will make the dash datatable look better on the website.
I have attached the screenshot below.

Do you have a link to this example? There might be a reference to a css sheet where you could grab the information. In lots of examples this one is used:


This Example also has some datatables which has the same pagination styling as above :


The DataTable in the Dash docs is styled using CSS from a Dash Enterprise product called Dash Design Kit.

If you are using Dash Bootstrap Components, see information about styling the DataTable with a Bootstrap theme (including the pagination button) here:

If you are not using Dash Bootstrap Components, you can check out the stylesheet from above to see the CSS selectors for the pagination - and other things, then modify it for your project.

If you are open to something completely different, I recommend trying Dash AG Grid. The grid is much easier to style than the Data Table.

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