Dash DataTable multiple filtering queries on a single column

Hi all,

I have a Dash app I am working on which contains a datatable with many rows and columns, and a few other components that each interact with each other (i.e. graph plot based on selected column, etc). I often need to filter a number of numerical columns using the native filtering - e.g. “< 1000” in col A and “> 300” in col B, etc.

Is there any way to be able to filter a given single numerical datatable column by a range - e.g. 10 < col < 100? From the documentation, it appears not and nothing I’ve tried works.

I am aware of backend filtering, but in this case the round trip will be too slow due to the volume of data. I currently use clientside callbacks to move data around these interacting components, which works very well. The initial table load is then accepted as a one-off hit on page load (~5 seconds).

It might be a bit of a hack, but I am also aware I can write a combined query to the datatable’s filter_query property, and this does indeed work for this - but it would be nice to use the built in filters on each column, and I cannot think of a way to use callbacks to take these values, parse and then write the the filter_query field.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, and I am sure this would be a very generally useful feature for others!

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Question essentially is: how can I best filter table columns based on ranges - for example col >= 5 and col < 10.

Thank you!