Dash Datatable dropdown cell not accepting clipboard data when options are "dynamically" set

I’ve found an odd behaviour on Dash’s Datatable element’s in-cell dropdowns.
I am creating a table where users are meant to input data, and thinking on enabling easy copy-paste functionalities I opted for the datatable element.
Multiple of the columns are dropdown type, and all of them are working properly on pasting, except one.

All the working columns have “harcoded” options, like:

'store': {
    'options': [

The only non-functional column has options defined using a for statement:

                'options': [
                    {'label': i, 'value': i}
                    for i in ['a','b','c']

This “type” column won’t accept pasted data, even when the data I’m trying to paste matches exactly with the corresponding options values.