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Dash DataTable - Change Direction of Column Headers

Hi Guys,

quite new to the forum! First of all I have enjoyed the use of data-table-experiments.
Is there any way (without changing CSS codes) to change direction of the interactive table headers. In case of long header titles.

kind regards,


Hey @Stuart_Kerkhof - This isn’t possible in Dash DataTable right now. For now, you will have to do this by overwriting the CSS of the DataTable or by using CSS in a regular html.Table element. Here is a good CSS tutorial on rotated column headers:

Once is merged, this will be easier to customize in the DataTable component. There is still quite a bit of work that needs to be done to make this possible (if any company out there needs this work expedited and can help sponsor development, please reach out:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reaction. I have been experimenting some with changing the CSS code. In CSS would (for example) .DataTable .th be the correct call for customization?

Kind regards,