Dash Data Table FILTER ROWS button alignment

Hi @chriddyp,

I would like to thank you for dash and dash table experiments.

I have 3 question, i had gone through all the relevant conversations. But not able to find helps for the below.

  1. is there a way that we can place FILTER ROWS button left side of the data table, now its in the right top. May be good and easy for a small table with 5-6 columns. But my table is with 50 columns, to add row filter i have scroll all the way to end and click the button.

  2. is there a way to implement zebra stripping, alternate rows in some colours.

  3. to add hyperlinks in one of my column, where user can navigate to the path specified in the cell itself.

We’re working on a new version of the dash table, writing a React component from scratch, that should solve all of this issues. It will be available this summer.

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Thanks a lot for your, Prompt response @chriddyp. I am eagerly waiting :slight_smile:

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