dash_daq.Gauge font sizes/format control?

I really love the “dash_daq.Gauge” component for dashboards, kudos to however created it!

A couple of quick things would be great, are they possible?

  1. Any way to control the font size of the “units”? It’s too small the way it is.
  2. ANy way to control the format of “value”? It seems to display in float format (1 decimal pace) and I’d love to have an option to show it as integer.

Hi @n_lev,
Sorry for the late response. I just finished an introduction tutorial to Dash Daq that reviews some of the components, including the Gauge.

To answer your first question, the best way to do that is to use label instead of units, like this:

label={'label':"Valve 2", 'style':{'fontSize':40}}