Dash Cytoscape with Dropdown Menu


I have been testing out the Cytoscape component with Dropdown menu filter.

It seems like that cytoscape doesn’t get output via callback such a figure type.

Goal is to filter cytoscape chart with dropdown menu.

Can any one help me this?


hi @youmin817
:wave: Welcome back to the Community,
What if you create a callback where the value of the dropdown (Input) triggers the callback function. And then, inside the callback function you filter the nodes and edges, according to the dropdown value selected; then you return the Cytoscape elements. Something like this:

#pre-built cytoscape

    Output('cytoscape1', 'elements'),
    Input('dropdown', 'value')
def update_cytoscape_graph(value):
    nodes = [filter_data based on value...]
    edges = [filter_data based on value...]
    new_elements = nodes + edges
    return new_elements

It’s great. I was trying that one. It seemed it’s not working. Based on your answer, I found my code error. Thanks,!!