Dash Cute Chart Library

Hello Guys,
I am Muntakimur Rahaman, a passionate python programmer and Data Scientist, I have created a
Dashplotly components for using the cutest visualization framework called dash_cute_charts based on chart.xkcd-react.

PyPi Link: dash-cute-charts · PyPI
Repo Link: GitHub - muntakim1/dash_cute_charts: A dash component for CuteCharts
Live Demo Link: Dash

Note: [ I am actively looking for a job]


So fun! :star_struck: Thanks for sharing this and be sure to check out the Topics tagged job-postings

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This is so cute, @muntakim . I can see this being very popular when teaching Dash at schools. Thanks for creating. I’m going to add it to our community components index later this week.
Thank you,

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I really inspired by you guys! Thanks for this awesome platform, It help us to create beautiful data products.