Dash Component Practice

I was going through the examples from these lessons (Chapter 3: Dash Components and Layouts — Dash Tutorial) but when I run my code for the second exercise I am only seeing the drop down and not “My new app” and “please select a state” even though my code is identical now.
Any suggestions on what I may be missing?

I’ve included my code below to compare to the 2nd exercise:


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Could you please change your dcc.Markdown context with ''' text here '''. (e.g. for your case: ''' My New App ''' and ''' Please Select State ''').

More info here: Markdown | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly

Seems like a markdown rendering problem. I wonder which browser you are using. Because your example works as intended on Safari for my case.


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hi @slohol
When you paste your code into a post, can you please wrap it with Preformatted text ?

Code goes here.

The exercise you mention works on my computer and browser (Brave). However, please note that these are not the course exercises. The course exercises are different and they are shared on the student section of the Maven .com platform.