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Dash Bug? Callback runs multiple times on the same input trigger

Hi, a couple of my dash callbacks run multiple times even when the input trigger is only fired once. Does anyone know why this is the case?

    [Output("leafletmap", "children"),Output("session-map","data")],
    [   Input("apply-button","n_clicks"),
        Input("perf-type", "value"),
    [State("date-range-input", "start_date"),
        State("date-range-input", "end_date"),
def choropleth_callback(apply,perf_type, collapse,start_date, end_date, storage):
    #if the card isn't active don't load the graph 
    if not collapse:
        raise PreventUpdate
    print("Performance Map is active...")
    if storage is None:
        storage = {}

    sql = # sql statement to get the data

    #update storage chache
    if sql in storage:
        print("accessing map df from storage ")
        df = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(storage[sql])
        storage[sql] = storage.pop(sql)
        print("accessing map df from db")
        df = pd.read_sql_query(sql, conn)
        if len(storage) > 5:

    # endregion

    minmax = get_minmax(df,perf_type)
    # Create geojson.
    geojson = dl.GeoJSON(data=get_data(df,perf_type), id="geojson", format="geobuf",
                        zoomToBounds=True,  # when true, zooms to bounds when data changes
                        cluster=True,  # when true, data are clustered
                        clusterToLayer=dlx.scatter.cluster_to_layer,  # how to draw clusters
                        zoomToBoundsOnClick=True,  # when true, zooms to bounds of feature (e.g. cluster) on click
                        options=dict(pointToLayer=dlx.scatter.point_to_layer),  # how to draw points
                        superClusterOptions=dict(radius=150),  # adjust cluster size
                        hideout=dict(colorscale= ["red","yellow","green"], color_prop=perf_type, **minmax))
    # Create a colorbar.
    colorbar = dl.Colorbar(colorscale=["red","yellow","blue"], id="colorbar", width=20, height=150, **minmax)
    mapOutput = dl.Map([dl.TileLayer(), geojson, colorbar],center=[43,-79],style={'width': '700px', 'height': '800px'},id = "lmap")
    return  [mapOutput,storage]