Dash-Bio IGV load locus dynamic


I want to load a specific region into the locus of the igv component. But every time I set a new region, the whole component has to reload, which changes the settings of the user (e.g. the colors of the tracks). Here is an example:

            Output('igv', 'children'),
            Input('Gen-select', 'value'))
        def return_igv(value):
            return html.Div([

I set the value of a specific region and hand it in to the igv component(e.g. Chr1:91,341-95,681 is the value for the locus). I want that only the locus changes without reloading the whole igv component.

Is there a possibility to use the locus dynamically, without hand typing the coordinates to set it to the right place, without loading all tracks again?