Dash Auth 401 Error

I’ve deployed my first application today utilizing plotly Dash and I’m using Dash Auth as my authentication to login to the application.

However, the way our system works, it’s dependent on a ‘health check’ which requires a given URL from the dash app to return a 200 status code to ensure the site is running well.
From my understanding, the Dash Auth ‘login’ alert page throws a 401 error first to display the login page, then returns either 200 or 403 based on the input.

This initial 401 then crashes our system because it’s expecting a 200 for the health check.

My question is, what link can I supply our system so that I get a 200 status code returned instead of the 401 while still using Dash Auth? The base path, like url.com/ seems to throw the 401 still. Thank you!