Dash App - Get User ID


Is there a way to fire an event (e.g. pull User ID) whenever a user opens an app?

I know I can get User ID using the following python code, but I am confused about how to tell Dash to run those functions when a user visits my app?

import getpass

I’m planning on using this UserId together with the login time stamp to track usage on my app.


Are you using dash-auth? If so, see Get username for authenticated user with Dash Basic Auth

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This worked for me! Thanks Chris :slight_smile:

Hi Chris I have seen the link that you provided for user authentication. However in my use case i do not want user to enter their credentials every time. I just want to display the user id when he/she access the app. Currently i have tried using the method
import getpass
However the issue with this is that it displays the admin ID where the app was hosted, when a new user tries to access the app from his browser it still shows the admin ID instead of the user who access the app through his browser.

I would like to know of a way where the app should be able to pull the user id from the browser itself from where the user is accessing the app

Is there a way to use getpass.getuser() from a callback request so that i can capture the user ID like we have for capturing the IP address when the user uploads any file:

    Output("tabs-content-example", "children"),
    [Input("upload-data", "filename"), Input("upload-data", "contents"),Input('tabs-example', 'value')]
def update_output(uploaded_filenames, uploaded_file_contents,tab):
    """Save uploaded files and regenerate the file list."""
    def get_ip(uploaded_filenames):
        return html.Div(request.remote_addr)
    if uploaded_filenames is not None and uploaded_file_contents is not None and tab == 'tab-2-example':
        for name, data in zip(uploaded_filenames, uploaded_file_contents):
            save_file(name, data)
        children= uploaded_files(filename)
        return children,get_ip(uploaded_filenames)