Dash AG Grid persistence

I have my datatable almost fully migrated to AG Grid, except for row selection (to do) and persistence.

This is my code:

persistence=True, persistence_type='local', persisted_props=['value']

I have a grid that is updated via a drop down menu.

For the datatable, persistence was working as expected.

However, for AG Grid, I have tried multiple combinations, to no avail.

When I refresh the page, the values always revert to the original ones and the changes are never preserved.

From the reference document, I am under the impression that this is actually the expected behaviour.

Is this correct? Is there a way to make the altered values persist across sessions?

Note that I have implemented a reset button, in case the user needs to revert to the original values.

Sorry my bad. I was loading the data from the store, which was in memory mode.