Dash AG-Grid - how to make filter available with Infinite Scroll mode

if I do Filters option with infinite scroll, it does not work.

AG Grid website sais
“The grid cannot do sorting or filtering for you, as it does not have all of the data. Sorting or filtering must be done on the server-side.”

Can someone help me doing this with dash-ag-grid?

I find how to do it!
You have to set “filter” and “filterParams” to your column in columnDefs.

Then you see filter options in the Table and
you can get filtered selected dictionary in callback by getRowsRequest[“filterModel”]

Hello @wowwwn,

I have an example along with all the filters that I found here:

We will add it to the docs soon. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the example code!
Infinite scrolling works well with my huge data(more than 500000 rows), and your doc code helps really well!

Can I ask you one more thing with your doc code?
I want to add selection with checkboxes so I edited columnDef like this.
{“field”: “athlete”, “checkboxSelection”: True, “headerCheckboxSelection”:

it shows checkboxes in each rows, but header do not have checkbox.

is there any way to show it up?

Hmm, I haven’t tried that yet on infinite scrolling.

I’ll see if I can get it working, but it might also just be a limitation of the row model. Since not all the data is there, if can’t know what you are selecting through all sections of the data.

If you want to select all or deselect all, you can make buttons that pass true to these props: selectAll, selectAllFiltered, deselectAll each one will perform based upon its name. :grin:

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it seems
selectAll, selectAllFiltered, deselectAll seems do not work in infinite scroll mode.

it give me error like bellow.

selectAll only available when rowModelType=‘clientSide’, ie not infinite

As you mention, currently it is limitation of infinite scrolling.

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That you for confirming. :grin:

Yeah, I was wondering if it would cause issues.