Dash AG-Grid: how do I remove the column header index?

I’ve read the docs but didn’t see any mention of the index… and weirdly, the examples in there don’t even show the index number. How do I remove the numbers in the column headers?

ep1_df = pd.read_json('json/episode1.json')

# Create the Dash AgGrid for episode 1
ep1_grid = dag.AgGrid(
  id = "ep1_grid",
  rowData = ep1_df.to_dict("records"),
  defaultColDef = {
    "resizable": True,
    "sortable": True,
    "filter": True,
    "sort": 'asc'
  columnDefs = [
      "field": i,
      "type": "numericColumn",
      "filter": "agNumberColumnFilter",
      # Insert commas in the numeric columns
      "valueFormatter": {"function": "d3.format(',.0f')(params.value)"},
      "valueGetter": get_value_getter(i),
    } if i in ep1_numeric_cols else {
      "field": i,
      "type": "textColumn",
      "filter": "agTextColumnFilter",
      "floatingFilter": True,
      "suppressMenu": True,
      "filterParams": {
        "filterPlaceholder": "Search...",
    } for i in ep1_df.columns
  columnSize = "autoSize",
  className = "ag-theme-alpine-dark",

Hello @the.oldest.house !
Can you provide one record of your file episode1.json?

Hello @the.oldest.house,

This isn’t an index, but the order of how your sorting is being applied.

When you put a columnDef as asc, you are telling that column to sort ascending values.

When sorting multiple columns, the grid will place a number by the column header to indicate the order in which the sorting as been applied.

Hey @jinnyzor !
I thought maybe it was coming from the data columns label.
(I didn’t go through the row sorting docs page yet :laughing:)
But that make sense by applying a sorting order on all cols (in defaultColDef) we have a multi column sorting applied in the columns order…

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Got it, thanks. I avoided the problem by sorting the dataframe alphabetically first before exporting to JSON, then removed "sort": 'asc' from the defaultColDef.


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