Dash AG Grid, adding columns to a specific position


I am playing around with the new AG Grid Tool and it looks really amazing. However I am struggling with adding new columns to a specific position. If I add a new column it is always added at the end of the table.

If you look at the example from the documentation https://dashaggrid.pythonanywhere.com/columns/updating-definitions the medals first appear right after the “Athlete” column. If I include them again they are always added at the end of the table, even though the columnDef is the same as the inital load of the table. Any idea how to overcome this problem?

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Hello @kalt,

Welcome back!

You are looking for something like this:

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Right - I’ll add this to the docs!

The pending PR should actually take care of this issue as well, once approved and rolled out.


Thank you very much. Now it works perfectly. This also explains my other problem, why I always had to press a button twice to hide some columns.

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