📣 Dash 1.20.0 - `dcc.Download` component & various community contributed bug fixes

We’re pleased to announce that Dash 1.20.0 is out :tada:

pip install dash==1.20.0

Dash 1.20.0 is backwards compatible feature release:

  1. Download Component
    Adds a new dcc.Download component along with several utility functions for preparing the data in a download-ready format. Many thanks to @emilhe for the contribution!

    Using the Download component is a much better alternative than using the flask download route as you can set the download data dynamically based off of other inputs on the page.

  2. Updates the format of docstrings to make them easier to read. Many thanks to @AnnMarieW for the contribution!

  3. Adds allow and referrerPolicy to html.Iframe. Thanks again to @AnnMarieW for the contribution!

  4. Fixes the z-index of the Dash Debug menu to be compatible with Dash Bootstrap Components. Thanks to @tcbegley for the contribution!.

  5. Sets autoComplete to off by default in the dcc.Dropdown. Thanks to @AnnMarieW for the contribution!

  6. Fixes a bug in dcc.DatePickerRange for min_date_allowed and max_date_allowed. Thanks to @ravij3 for the contribution!

  7. Fixes a typo in dcc.EnhancedTab. Thanks @ivanna-sotrovets for the contribution!

Thank you to all of our community contibutors! :tada:

:arrow_right: Official Changelog

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Could you add documentation and an example for dcc.send_bytes as well?

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I agree, I think there should be documentation on the dcc.send_bytes() func as well as an example on how to make a custom downloader function for something like an image or html export.

@oegedijk @jschach there are few examples here domonstrating how to download excel and figure images,

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