Daily Tips - Share Dash to Social Media 🌈

Hi there,

I’ve found out that there is a feature Dash has supported since version 0.22.0. But there is no follow-up to the related posts in the forum.

We can add meta tags like this.

app = dash.Dash(meta_tags=[
    {'name': 'description', 'content': 'My description'},
    {'http-equiv': 'X-UA-Compatible', 'content': 'IE=edge'}

So I went here and the website helped me generate a set of meta tags.

meta_tags = [
        "This is a 2022 replica of dash-svm. I used dash's recent new components and new features, and I've added new page elements."
app = Dash(__name__,
           title='Support Vector Machine Explorer',

Then the forum can help me automatically generate a preview.

You can also check the OP here.

This is one of two protocols currently supported by the forum, the Open Graph protocol.

The other is oEmbed, which requires a link tag in the header. Also, need an API to return JSON or XML. Those who are interested can try it out.

Hope this helps you. XD

Keywords: Meta Tags, Facebook, Twitter, Open Graph, oEmbed, Social Platform