Customizing the dash-daq gauge's knob


I’m trying to fully customize a dash-daq gauge appearance. First I wanted to remove the needle which I succeeded by adding to my gauge a class (no-needle) and setting in the CSS the following style:

.no-needle line { stroke: none !important; }

I found this CSS property by exploring through the browser inspector:

Then, I wanted to go further in my customization by removing the central knob that you can see in the following screenshot : 24-08-_2021_15-19-58

The problem is that the knob is not made of a single element with a class (not like the needle, which was a html line) as you can see in the following screenshot:

Any idea on how to remove this knob ? is it even possible ?

Thank you !

I found* a (dirty?) solution to do it by creating the following CSS rule:

.no-needle use {
    display: none;

(I’m specifying the .no-needle here because I have many gauges on my page and I want to hide only one).

*Thank’s to Bas van der Linden on stackoverflow