Custom Plotly Buttons used to fire Dash Callbacks, possible?

Hi Dash Community,

Question, I have a DCC.graph which has some custom buttons, Custom Buttons , but I don’t see any means to be able to tie a plotly button click, to fire a Dash callback, as an input. Is there any way to do this? (so I can customize the buttons further, as though it was a Html.button).

Why I would like to use these plotly buttons is that they fit nicely into the DCC.graphs plot space, whereas normal Dash buttons sit outside of it, so wanting to make things look a little tidier.

I’ve tried checking on Input(‘my_graph’,‘relayoutData’), Input(‘my_graph’,‘clickData’), Input(‘my_graph’,‘restyleData’), Input(‘my_graph’,‘selectedData’), but none seem to notice a plotly custom button click. Any ideas?