Custom Button (Dash All In One Components)

I’m trying to write custom Button referencing the All in One Component Document.
Here is a simple button I’ve created which has custom style. However, When I import this button, the n_clicks does not work. The callback is not called even though I pass in the id and n_clicks.
Any help appreciated.

from dash import html
import uuid

class ButtonAIO(html.Div):
    class ids:
        button = lambda aio_id: {
            'component': 'ButtonAIO',
            'subcomponent': 'button',
            'aio_id': aio_id

    ids = ids

    def __init__(self,
        if id is None:
            id = str(uuid.uuid4())

        button_props = button_props.copy() if button_props else {}
        if 'style' not in button_props:
            button_props['style'] = {'color': 'blue', 'background-color': '#008CBA'}
        if 'children' not in button_props:
            button_props['children'] = label

            html.Button(id=self.ids.button(id), **button_props)