Current best way to export plotly graph to an image file

Just wanted to check:

What is currently the best way to export a plotly graph as an image file?

Still the need for orca and co? (I cannot run orca because of GLIB incompatibility on Centos 6).

When I display a plotly (dash) graph I see in the top right corner:

Thanks, alon. Creative idea.

However I’m looking for a way to export the image programatically in the plotly code without round-tripping to the Browser - if I want to save a dozen graphs it is a bit tedious to do it by hamd…

@halloleo Did you figure it out, how did you end up doing it? I used fig.write_image(“out.png”) that export using klaido,
but it exports the whole figure instead of the current position/view of the plot.

@fatimat I hadn’t found a solution for it in those days _ and I havn’t done much with Plotly lately, so I cannot help you, sorry.