CSS control plotly offline

I am trying to use CSS style control the graph, but when I change the width and height to below 27% the values of Y axis changed and looks really ugly (it seems for me it has lots of space on the Y axis but those values just stick together, any idea? Thanks!

Hmm. Our autotick routine should recompute tick spacing based on the available height.

Would you mind sharing a code snippet of your work to help us debug?

{% for a,b,c,d in z %}
.hello {


{% endfor %}

{% for a in params2 %}
<div class="hello" >{% include a.HTMLFileName %}</div>
{% endfor %}

  {% for a,b,c,d in z %}
 var HTMLFileName="{{a.HTMLFileName}}"
 var gridRow="{{b.row}}"
 var gridColumn="{{b.column}}"
 var graphRow="{{c.graphRow}}"
 var graphColumn="{{c.graphColumn}}"
 // var divTag=document.getElementsByClassName("hello");
 // divTag[0].style.width="500px"
{% endfor %}



I looked through the graph on html carefully, when I do the % on width and height, it also change something under which is I don’t want.

The graph I use is 25% by 25%

For me it still have lots of space for the graph, but it shrink the axis and values on the graph too much.