Creating tooltip using callback for dash DataTable

Hi, Is there any way to create tooltip for a dash data_table using callback? I am not able to find any example for the same.

I have seen examples where tooltip is create by reading a csv from a path. But in my case dataframe is created within the callback function and returned after clicking a submit button

Please help.

Yes, your callback can have tooltip_data as an output and can be updated like any other property of any component.

columns_property=[{"name": i, "id": i, "deletable": False, "selectable": True, "renamable":True, "hideable":True} for i in display_cols]

                               export_columns="all",export_format="xlsx", sort_action="native",is_focused=True,
                                  sort_mode="multi",export_headers ="names",editable=True,tooltip_data=tooltip,## Tootlip is returned from callback as options
                                  style_cell={'textAlign': 'left','border': '1px solid grey', 
                                  style_header={'backgroundColor': 'white','fontWeight': 'bold',
                                                'border': '1px solid black'},
                                  style_table={'fontFamily': 'Open Sans',
                                          'textAlign': 'right',
                                          'whiteSpace': 'no-wrap',                                                         
                                          'overflowX': 'scroll',
                                          'minWidth': '100%',
                                          'height': '600px', 
                                          'overflowY': 'scroll'})

@app.callback([Output('table', 'data'),Output("tooltip", "options")   ],        
            [Input('submit3', 'n_clicks')],                
            State('input1', 'value'),
            State('input2', 'value')

def update_output(clicked, input1, input2):
    if clicked:        

        """ Some Code for Generatng DF"""
        tooltip_data= [{c:{'type': 'text', 'value': f'{r},{c}'} for c in df.columns} for r in df[df.columns].values]
    return list(df.to_dict("index").values()), tooltip_data

@chriddyp I am using this code, but not sure whether it is correct or not. If you can provide an example that would be great.