Creating Plotly Subplots

I am creating population pyramids, consisting of at least two traces (i.e., one for men and one for women). I need to create an array of pyramids for a set of user-selected geographies. So, I have some questions about subplots.

Is there a way to group the individual traces into an array to produce the subplots? This approach seems straightforward. The array would look something like this:
([trace_male_geo1, tract_female_geo1], [trace_male_geo2, trace_female_geo2] …[trace_male_geoN, trace_female_geoN]) and produce N plots.

I haven’t seen an example that illustrates this type of behavior.

Is this the right way to configure subplot traces? Is there a way to create subplots using a third variable (like “geo”) to distinguish individual plots? (this third variable would work to facet the plots)

Any suggestions about how to do this?