Creating a gauge that contains 'ranges'

I’m trying to re-create the first gauge ( I think it’s from Tableau ) however the closest I can find anywhere on the site is the second one, which is really not very appealing, mostly because the gauge pointer is so short. Any suggestions? E.g. can the pointer be lengthened? Can anyone point me to to some other gauges built in I’ve searched the API and forums and found nothing. Thanks.

The gauge from the example doesnt have a variable to move the pointer, also, is not centered with a large margin from the right.

Is a shitty example for a feature they don’t have.

Now, Im trying to import a gauge from js to dash, but there isnt a clear documentation (with description of the funcions, clases and methods), to use that.

@maxlira did you secceed eventually? Would be great if you could share some pointers or an example.