Creating a callback function without @app.callback annotation

Hi all,

A Dash newbie here. A question pops out recently while I tried to modelize my code into modules so that it can be quickly reusable : is it possible to have a callback function WITHOUT @app.callback annotation in order to referring which html elements will be updated?

Why I am asking so is that we can not pass parameters dynamically to an annotation in order to build a function dynamically. Any solution for this problem?

Thank you guys in advance.

but how are you supposed to call the function without inputs?
you could have dummy divs as inputs/outputs with 'display' : 'none' or you could have an interval component to run the function in the background without input.


Thanks for the reply. I do have an input. It’s just that my input is dynamically generated so that its html id is not fixed.

This seems to be the solution? Handel multiple callback outputs programmatically

Yep that’s what you’re after. Note that you’re still using callbacks, just not as decorators.