Create an easy but specific kind of (Excel) chart


I need to create this easy looking specific kind of chart in Python, at least I want to come very close to it. Does the plotly Python package allow me to do this? The chart is originally generated in Excel.

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Hey there,

You may want to check out the candlestick charts which may be a close fit to what you want, as you can control the heights of the candles and whether they point up or down, which communicates most of the information I can see from your chart.

Or you could do it manually and probably more accurately with line charts. I would just create vertical lines (which are just a bunch of scatter points connected together) and then color and change the shapes at some of the points to achieve the green diamond, red bar, and yellow triangle you have.

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Hi Adam,

Thank you for your reply. The original chart is indeed created using some kind of candlestick chart type from Excel.

To be honest, at the moment it is too risky to start finding out if everything I want can be achieved with plotly. It has to be catagorical, I want a uniqe background color for each category, I need dedicated symbols for the high, low, mid, I need a data-table at the bottom. Therefore at the moment I am just drawing it myself using the drawing features of the maplotlib library.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. Have a good one.

Using this works for me. Its great.
Candle stick charts in Excel