Create a simple fake live monitoring


I have a few months of time series data, and would like to simulate how this data would look as if it were live.

I.e. create a graph that updates every 1-5 sec from a set start date, (2019-06-01, 12:00 ). For simplicity sake the start date is not critical, I would just like to display each data point one by one.

I imagine it would look something like this:

def Some_func(interval,Mydf,Start_date):
     traces =go.Scatter(
                y= Mydf['Value'][Mydf['Date']==Start_date],   
                x= Mydf.index()
     for i in startdate+interval:
                y= Mydf['Value'][Mydf['Date']==Start_date+interval],   
                x= Mydf.index() 

return fig 

    Output("LiveGraph1", "figure"),
    [Input("interval-component", "n_intervals")])
def update_control_chart(interval):
    Start_date=(2019-06-01, 12:00)

    return fig