COVID-19 Tracker for my county (Larimer County, Colorado)

The county I live in, Larimer County (Colorado) Health Department keeps a running tally of all positive COVID-19 test results here. This data is more detailed than what the state provides for our county, so I thought folks might find it helpful to see this data visualized in a couple different ways, so made a small app. You can see positives by city, or compare cities (within Larimer), along with breakouts by gender and age.

Right now there is no API for the health department data, so i’m just parsing / scrapying it directly from the county webpage every 15mins.


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very nice! I like the simple, clear visualizations. I hope folks in your community are able to find it and find it helpful!

Thanks! Only recently discovered dash / plotly. Both are very nice, easy to use tools. Thanks for making them and making them open source!

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