Converting X axis from ordinal date to datetime with a trendline


I’m attempting to change the x axis of my graph in plotly to represent date while still having a trendline. I’ve created a plot where the x axis is date and y is another variable. In order to allow a trendline to be added the date has been converted to ordinal format using df_final["ordinal_date"] = df_final['run_date'].map(dt.datetime.toordinal), but now its difficult to see what each of the points represents.
So I’m asking if there is a way to convert the x axis inplace back to datetime once the plot is made or if there is an alternative method to allow trendlines to be plotted where the x axis is date.
This is the code for the plot:

    fig = px.scatter(df_filtered,
            x = "run_date",
            y = "Average q30",
           trendline= "ols"