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Controlling streamtubes in 3D


I am trying to use the new and cool 3D StreamTube feature of plotly to integrate a 3D view in a Dash app.

If I understand correctly, each StreamTube necessarily has a diameter that varies with the divergence of the field. Is there any way to have the tubes keep a constant diameter? This would be extremely valuable in a lot of situations, to better control the looks of the visualization. I tried to play with the various arguments on the StreamTube plot, but no luck so far.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Not at the moment, unfortunately.

Alright, thanks for the answer !


That’s sad. I wonder what is the philosophy the developers have in mind when they designed this feature: to make the diameter of the tube vary with a random property of the field --divergence – and not allow the users to configure it.

I’ll try to hack into the code to see if I’m able to control the diameter of the tubes.

Hi @jordanhe1994
did you sort this issue?
I am after plotting a 3D bar(constant diameter) which bents