Conditional formatting of cells in updatable datatable

Sup! I’m new to dash. Faced with a problem:
I have a datatable with values which i am updating by inputs through callbacks. They are working.

data = pd.read_excel('Sample.xlsx')

    html.Div([dcc.Input(id='salary_budget_2020', type='number')]),
                                        columns=[{"name": i, "id": i} for i in datafortable.columns],

@app.callback(dash.dependencies.Output("dinamic_table", "data"),
              [dash.dependencies.Input("salary_budget_2020", 'value')])

def update_table(salary_budget_2020):
    datafortable = data.copy()[8, '2020'] =[8, '2020'] - int(salary_budget2020 or 0)

    return datafortable.to_dict('rows')

What i want to do is to set up cell conditional formatting based on the result of a comparison between original and updated value. I found ‘filter_query’ in docs but it’s not working with my updated-value variable.

What i need is to be able to compare original value in[8, ‘2020’] and[8, ‘2020’] - int(salary_budget2020 or 0)
to be able to change background color if[8, ‘2020’] <[8, ‘2020’] - int(salary_budget2020 or 0) and etc. Something like:

{'if': {'column_id': '2020',"row_index": 8,
'filter_query': '[8, '2020']  <[8, '2020'] - int(salary_budget2020 or 0)},'backgroundColor': '#3D9970','color': 'white'}

but what works) Thanks in advance!