Conditional coloring of go.Figure bar chart

My bar chart uses df.columns for x and df.iloc[0] values of each column for y axis.
I want the bar to be red if the value in that column is >=100.

There is a marker_colors example here but without conditions:

I tried this

#style chart
        colors = ['lightslategray'] * len(list(elems_df.columns))
        elems_cols = list(elems_df.columns)

        fig_elems = go.Figure([go.Bar(x=list(elems_df.columns),
                                      marker_colors=[x for x in colors if
                                                    elems_df.loc[0,col] <100
                                                    for col in elems_cols else 'crimson'])])

but getting a β€œstatement expected” around β€œelse”.

How can I do this?

Hi @nyck33,

this is a pure python problem and not related to plotly. Maybe have a look again on how list comprehensions work (eg.

this should do the work though:

marker_colors=['lightslategray' if elems_df.loc[0,col]<100 else 'crimson' for col in elems_cols]

Since your data is a dataframe, I also highly recommend you, to have a look at plotly express:

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